I write this mostly for myself, as a diary entry, even though I am writing it to you. It is the therapy I need to get past the hurt you’ve brought into my life. You’ll always be my sister, and we will always be family. If we are ever going to have a friendship again, I’ll need you to read this first. I won’t give this to you at a time where your mental health isn’t good, and if I’ve done that by accident, or you’ve somehow stumbled upon this, please don’t read it without first checking in with yourself and making sure you are in a condition that is good enough to move forward.

I’m going to raise several points. I’m not looking to debate these points. They are true. If you ever do read this, I’m not asking anything from you other than to acknowledge the following.

  1. You have spent time trying to get people to be mad at me. This is active recruitment.
  2. You tried to recruit me in a campaign against my daughter, and you got mad at me when I wouldn’t take your side over hers.
  3. You lied or intentionally exaggerated other people’s positions in an attempt to make me think that what my daughter did was much worse than what it was.
  4. You used our relationship as leverage to try to make me side with you over my daughter.
  5. You denied my daughter the ability to grieve the loss of her cousin in the way she chose.
  6. You chose lifelong censorship of my daughter’s artwork.
  7. You either denied or refused to believe the emotional pain that you brought to my daughter.
  8. You either denied or refused to believe the emotional pain that you brought to me.
  9. You strongly and intentionally hinted that you would never forgive my daughter.
  10. You strongly and intentionally hinted that you would kill yourself, and whether or not you were feeling this way, you made this threat to cause me pain, not because you were looking for my help.
  11. You took the worst words that my daughter used and twisted them to the worst possible meaning, completely focusing on them and entirely ignoring the spirit of the conversation.
  12. You strongly and intentionally hinted that both of my daughters and I are no longer a part of your family.
  13. You violated my trust by recruiting your husband to listen in on our phone call and not telling me about it until the end of the call.
  14. You intentionally twisted the facts of the disagreement so that you could say you were right.
  15. You stayed mad and intentionally broke apart a family even after you were given everything you asked for.

I believe that for someone to be my friend they need to honestly represent themselves to me or at least make their best effort. While, in the past, you’ve campaigned against me, recruited against me, and tried to manipulate me, you’ve never done it in a way where you’ve directly threatened our relationship, until now.

If you’re unwilling to give a simple nod of acknowledgement, that is kept strictly confidential between the two of us, it’s fair to say that we can both move on and find other friends who appreciate who we are.

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to carefully consider everything I wrote. I love you, and you will always be my sister.

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