“I must have wrote down what happened. I must have created a record. They can erase our memories, but they can’t erase anything we’ve left behind. If I recorded what we were intending, how we felt in the moment, it would be on paper, or on the internet or something. We should be able to find it,” I say.

“I just, I can’t imagine we would have sex to never remember it, for nothing more than a fleeting moment,” Sariel says.

“Have you met drunk people? They do it all the time.”

“Sure, but drunk people don’t have beings with higher powers erasing their memories if they have sex with each other. We weren’t meant to do that,” she says.

I put my hand gently on Sariel’s back and lean in towards her face. She puts her hand on my chest and says: “stop.”

“I’m sorry Sar,” I say while giving her some distance.

“I want to kiss you Sam, but there’s just no point. In an hour, we won’t remember.”

“It will be the best hour of my life,” I say.

“It will be the worst hour of my life, knowing that this wonderful, special moment will just go away forever, and if we try to record a kiss, a simple fucking kiss, we get reset, and wake up with no memories, packed into some dirt outside,” she says with a what the fuck look on her face.

“OK, so what’s next?” I ask.

“We could complete the mission. Do you remember the mission?”

“Yeah, I remember most of it. It’s why we were using the cabin, to catch billionaires and bring them to justice,” I say.

“Let’s reach out to Gad and see who is next on the list.”

“Tomorrow, but first I’m going through the gates,” I say.

“No, God no Sam! No! No! No!”

I touch Sariel’s shoulder with the familiarity of a good friend, not a lover and say: “Sar, I can find anything from there. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

The only thing I can think about as I leave is how much I want to kiss her, but she was right, it would be agonizing knowing that it will just go away.

Sariel screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” as I fade away.

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