Sariel and I sit on the bed together. She stares down at the ground, down at my feet and begins talking.

“There are consequences for breaking the rules Sam. Sometimes we forget what we did to break them. Sometimes we forget a day, a week, a month, or a year. Gad for a decade, a whole ten years. Do you remember Gad?”

“I do. I think I remember everything now, like everything!”

“You were always better at remembering than us. If you know who you are, truly know who you are, the punishment doesn’t matter, the consequences don’t matter, you’ll always remember yourself, Sam.”

“I don’t want to unburden myself and put that on you. I know why I forgot everything,” I say.

Sariel looks at me with her blue eyes welling up. “I lost my memory too, but I only forgot one night where you and I ended up in the bed together, talking, similar to how we’re talking now, and that’s all I remember, but you lost your memory at the same time. You must have broken more than that one rule. You must have found a way to remember that night,” she says.

“Right because we can only be punished right after we break a rule, and they can’t undue anything we’ve done. If you and I did what you think we did, what is the worse thing I could have done?” I ask.

Her eyes widen quite a bit, and she says: “ah, the worst thing!”

I laugh out loud a little, and continue: “Not in the bed. I mean, the worst thing I could have done is try to remember.”

“You think there’s a sex tape?” She asks.

“No. I wouldn’t do that without telling you.”

Sariel has a mild look of disappointment on her face when she says: “that would be hot.”

I can’t tell if she’s joking or not, but that would be hot.

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