Sariel brings the blankets and pillow to Joey, who is already almost asleep. Joey is laying on the couch, and he opens one of his eyes half way when I touch his shoulder.

“Joey buddy, Sariel brought you a pillow and a couple of blankets.”

“Thanks guys. Thanks so much Sariel. I don’t know who you are, but I can tell that you love Sam, and I can really tell…”

Sariel quickly interrupts Joey. “I don’t. I’m married. I can’t love another man.”

“It’s OK Sar. We’ve had a lot to drink. He’s just drunk talking, and he’s tired.”

“I may, in fact, maybe, I may be drunk, and I may … be tired, but you guys. You guys have weird fucking names, and Sara Riel. What’s your name no don’t tell me. Sari Sarry Sariel. You love Sam, and that’s OK. I’m sure when he remembers everything about you, he’ll love you too.”

Joey takes the pillow and starts beating it into the couch a little. Sariel tries to hand him the blankets, but he holds up his hand, as if to say wait a minute.

“I don’t love Sam,” Sariel insists.

“Tell him then. It’s not even my business, you know?” he says while looking at Sariel then turns to me and says: “you know?”

Joey finally has his pillow adjusted, and again Sariel tries to hand him the blankets, but he just nods his head and shimmies his body a little.

I grab one of the blankets and lay it on top of him, tucking it into the couch on the side a little bit and underneath the couch cushions on the other side. Joey closes his eyes and smiles. Sariel simply says, “I’m not doing that,” lays the blanket flat on top of him then says: “good night Joey.”

“Night mom. Night dad,” Joey says.

Sariel points to the bedroom, and I follow and say: “I know how you feel. You don’t have to say anything.”

She simply nods and says: “we have a lot to figure out.”

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