“Hey Mila, it’s Sam.”

Sam’s attention is divided, he looks between me and starting blankly into the distance. It’s a recognition that we’ve made a connection that he wants to help me.

Sam continues after a short pause: “I need some information on an ambulance report.”

I look at Alex who looks at their father as a leader. Their proud of him, happy to be his child.

“What did you say your dad does?” I ask.

“He’s a psychologist.”

I tune back into what Sam is saying. “Yeah, I understand that you can’t give me patient information because it breaks confidentiality. I just need information about who called 911.” There is a short pause, while Sam gives me a thumbs up and begins writing things down. “Thank you so much. This is great. I’ll make sure that this never gets back to. Thanks again Mila.”

Sam hangs up the phone and says: “well, they wouldn’t give me any information about you because of the god damn patient confidentiality laws, but I’m not sure they had any information anyway. I got a phone number and a name, Joseph McIntosh. He called 911 on your behalf. I will text you his number. That way you’ll have his number and mine.”

“Thank you so much. By the sound of the call, it seemed like you did get a bunch of confidential information.” I said.

“It’s just the system man. People are afraid to give you any information, even if they are legally allowed to unless you send a written request and sign it in blood,” Sam says.

I stared a moment at Sam, perhaps a moment to long. Something about his big blue eyes looked familiar, something about his large lips and high forehead. I felt like knew his somehow.

“You’ve done so much for me. Thank you, again.”

“Don’t go yet. The pizza will be here any minute,” Alex says.

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