Alex introduces me to their dad, Sam, and I tell him my story, the whole story and how I ended up in his office. He looks as though he is critical of me, like he doesn’t want me there.

“Look Tulsa, I don’t know you, and I’m generally fairly concerned when strange people I don’t know come around asking for things.” Sam reaches into his desk and pulls out a phone, handing it to me. I take the phone while Sam continues. “It’s not trouble for me to give you this phone, and I hope it helps.”

“Dad you’re being kind of a dick,” Alex says while widening their eyes and raising their eyebrows.

“It’s OK. I appreciate the phone, and I can make my way from here. It’s a huge help. Life was feeling pretty hopeless before I met you and Alex. Thank you,” I say while nodding my head and pursing my lips a bit.

“Do you guys want some pizza?” Sam asks.

“Yes,” Alex says.

“That’s very kind. I would love that,” I say.

Alex points at my phone, while he types and clicks on his keyboard and mouse. “Right, your phone is setup to automatically connect to free WiFi networks. It’s setup with a free app that gives you a local phone number and allows you to call anywhere in North America. If you login to any websites, you should make sure that they are encrypted.”

“That’s when the lock shows up in the browser, right?” I ask.

“Exactly. That’s very important because you’re using free WiFi. Oh, I put a link to a website on your main screen. It will show you on a map where you can access WiFi.”

“That’s amazing. You have saved my life. Thanks so much,” I say.

“No problem. Do you have the details about your transfer to the hospital?” Alex asks.

“I was able to chat with the paramedic, and she gave me details about how to get the ambulance report,” I mention, while handing him the paper.

He takes the paper and picks up the phone.

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