I need to quit weed. I’ve posted this idea before, but I constantly ignore the reason why I enjoy cannabis. It helps me relax. As a child, my father taught me to be fearful, anxious, and constantly stressed out. I’m no longer fearful, but the stress and anxiety are fairly hardwired still. Marijuana kills the stress and anxiety, and I tend to feel fairly happy and well adjusted on it. I only smoke at night, and the relaxation tends to last most of the rest of the day.

So why not smoke the sticky forever?

  • I put everything off until tomorrow;
  • I don’t care about things as much;
  • I have no drive to get better or do things better;
  • I keep gaining weight because I eat a lot more.

The Dilemma

Before smoking, I could reach my full potential because of anxiety and stress. Now, I can’t reach my full potential because of weed. There are a lot of little things that help relieve my stress, and I’m going to try those instead.

What will I replace the green trees with?

  • Writing;
  • Meditation;
  • Exercise;
  • Reading;
  • Chamomile.

I know these things don’t work for everyone, but they work really well for me. They are however more work. Writing takes time. Meditation is a bit boring, even if it is effective. Exercise I already do, so doing more isn’t much fun. I like reading, but it can be difficult to concentrate on for longer periods of time that are needed to relax. Chamomile works well, but it also makes me feel tired.

The symptoms and side effects from the things I’ll replace Mary Jane with aren’t as bad as the negative effects of marijuana.

So here I go…

Son of Sappho Diary

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