As the pandemic’s third wave is drastically decreasing in my area, people are getting vaccines, and the warm weather is finally upon us, it’s time for a digital break. Too much time watching videos and TV, playing video games, and surfing social media actually causes a bit of temporary dementia in people of all ages. I don’t think I need to turn my phone off and never watch TV again. I believe in moderate and permanent responses to help govern good physical and mental health.

I plan on only visiting social media in order to directly promote my writing and magazine or to respond to someone who messages or comments to me. I won’t watch TV alone, and I won’t watch any new TV shows with anyone. I don’t really play video games, and I’ll continue that. For my phone, I’ll only use learning APPs, the actual phone, and text.

With the extra time, perhaps I’ll go for a nature walk, enjoy the landscape and the clear brain and improved memory that comes with that. I’ll probably be bored and angry quite a bit, but that will fuel my writing.

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