I’m at home with no beer and no steak. I can enjoy a good steak, but I’d rather have a nice sausage on the BBQ with a glass of wine and some fried potatoes. No wine today though. I need to focus. Alcohol gives courage, but it won’t lend you any brain power or motivation, and I’m short on time.

I’m not letting Stain rot in the pokey. For one thing, he’s skinny and has a narrow waist, a big butt, and a fairly hairless body. The words Asian lady boy come to mind. Now, I like my women with boobs and no penis, but I suspect the prison folks are a bit less choosy.

I’m just making fun of Stain, but in all seriousness, he can handle himself. He’s strong and determined, and if he does get raped, the guy who did it is going to be missing a penis pretty soon after that.

Stain helped me get out, and now I’m getting him out, at any cost, screw the process. I just need a cup of green tea, a spot of almond milk, and an idea list.

Ideas List

  1. Walk into the station with a huge crew and lots of guns – gun play, not a good idea I’m not willing to see more brain matter.
  2. Drill a huge hole in the jail cell wall, and Stain walks out – this wouldn’t go unnoticed.
  3. Hack into the city computers and release Stain from the system. The bureaucracy can’t move him without the proper paperwork – not ideal. Even if I released him completely and erased all records, the cops still know what he did, and they would just put him back in the system.
  4. Hijack the transport bus – this won’t work. Stain hasn’t been convicted so he’s just going to a much larger holding facility that’s within city limits. Observers and cops will be nearby at all times to lend a hand. There is also a huge risk of gun play as there is likely to be an armed guard on the transport bus.

By itself this is a bad list, but it gives me a great idea. All I need is an online map, a web site where people sell their crap, a couple of department stores, and help from a few hundred people, no guns, no destruction of public buildings, no hacking, and no hijacking.

Need it List


  1. Sandal Wood Essential Oil
  2. A grappling hook
  3. A good sturdy backpack
  4. Polyfill and Putty knife
  5. Anonymous proxy server software
  6. Clown mask and Clown wig
  7. $200 gift card credit card x 2
  8. Vacuum hose and Duct tape
  9. Taser
  10. Some cash


I just need to find one more thing to complete my list then I pick up my items, pay for them, and I’m on the computer to work some magic. Looking at the satellite photos from the online map, I see there is an area where trees are planted that shelter the station from the road. That will come in handy for visibility reasons.

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