My fingers are caressing Stephanie’s warm gooey goodies. She continues to kiss me but stops as her eyes close, head tilts backward, and she lets out a little moan. Her voice is quite, but her basement is flooded like it’s hurricane season.

The door opens, and I quickly withdraw my digits from beneath Stephanie’s under garb. She sprints over to put her shirt on. Her beautiful little pink dots stay at the exact same elevation as her tiny, perky, flesh doesn’t move along with her. There is no bounce and no sag, just a perfect level of unchanging salute.

“Davis, good you’re still here.”

Big Money, uh . . .”

“Davis come with me. There’s someone I want to introduce you to.”


Stephanie is slightly paralyzed, but she chimes in. “Sir, um, I can explain.”

Big Money waves at her. “No need, no need. Your dressing room, your business. Next time you lock the door, and I’ll knock.”

“Yes sir.”

I walk out with Big Money and close the door behind me.

Big Money pats me on the back. “Taste your fingers.”


“Oh man, trust me. Taste your fingers.”

“I uh..”

Big Money takes my hand and puts it up to my mouth. I give the “why not” shoulder shrug and pop my fingers in my mouth.


“She tastes really good. How did you know? You’ve been with her?”

Big Money starts laughing, the kind of loud boisterous laugh you might expect from someone who is eating a live baby panda while throwing nickles on top of hot coals and inviting starving children to collect them. “No. Nobody’s been with Stephanie. I just wanted to see if you’d do it. You’re one sick fucker. You know that?”

I shake my head at Big Money. “OK, you got me.” I pop my fingers back in my mouth for another taste. It’s a bit like honey and lemon.

“You sick fucker. Take that woman’s vag juices outta your mouth. I got a lawyer for you and Reggie.” He slaps my hand away from my mouth, opens his office door and says: “Davis, this is James, our corporate lawyer. He is going to make sure you and Reggie get the best representation. It’s on me. The only stipulation is that we get the exclusive story from you and Reggie for the next year.”

I put my hand in my pocket to discreetly wipe away the juice and saliva, pull it out, and shake James’ hand.

Big Money belts out another baby panda eating laugh, which causes James to look at him in a very puzzled manner. Big Money puts his hand on my shoulder. “Now listen. You’re Davis, OK. None of that lesbian erotica shit with putting your Stain on Sappho when you’re talking to lawyers, judges, cops, or anyone involved in the law. Save that for the fans.”

“OK, yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I look at James. “How long do you think until we can get Stain, I mean Reggie, out of holding.”

“Well, right now, we’re going to work on keeping you out of jail. It seems like there isn’t anything that the cops can really charge you with at the moment, but Reginald assaulted several police officers, and once they are done processing him, he is going to move from the holding cell to a real life prison, at least until we can get him in front of a judge.”

I’m worried. “Then we can get him out?”

“Not likely. That part is more of a formality. He’ll still have to go to trial.”

“Then, when will he get out?”

“If there aren’t any big delays, it depends on whether he is granted bail or not. He could be locked up for 3 months, possibly 6 months, before a verdict is found. I suspect if we can get enough media attention though, we can get a plea bargain for time served.”

“If he pleads guilty?”

“Right, but then he would be out in a month.”

“So, if he lies and says he’s guilty, he gets out in a month, but if he tells the truth and says he’s innocent, he has to serve 6 months in jail, and that’s only if he’s found not guilty?”

“The law has a process, and Reginald’s best bet, now that he’s in the system, is probably going to be a guilty plea.”

“This won’t do.”

James puts his hands up and looks at Big Money.

Big Money puts his hand on my shoulder and ushers me out of his office. “Look, we’ll work out the details. Davis, go home, grab a beer, have a steak, and enjoy your freedom. We’ll get Reggie out, at any cost.”

“Thanks. Thank you.”

I say thank you because I’m grateful, but this just won’t do.

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