Stain pushes Not Lily’s face out of his backside and begins putting his clothes back on. Not Lily seems angry again. “I just licked your asshole for like 20 minutes, you owe me a fuck.”

“I’m not having intercourse with you; I know where you’ve been.”

Before Not Lily gets a chance to give an angry response, I take her hand, grab the hand of one of the other topless girls, and motion towards the third topless girl to walk with us. I even courtesy motion Shirtless Guy. He eagerly accepts, and everyone except Stain goes off to a more wooded area.

Two of the ladies are playing like dogs with my bone. Shirtless Guy begins by tongue kissing Not Lily, which is kinda gross, but he moves on quickly to playing the mutual insertion game with what can only be described as a 16 inch, two way, purple instrument of destruction that he and Not Lily have put up their business ends while they are butt to butt. Not Lily starts smacking the other ladies front doors. “Yeah, bitches. You like that? You like when I slap your fucking cunts. Does that make you wet?”

The ladies didn’t seem to mind at all. They just started playing with me like I was ice cream and they were good friends who liked to share. Not Lily wets her middle and index fingers on both hands and starts working the good and bad openings on each of the ladies. Shirtless Guy is smacking himself in the face over and over again while saying: “take that you dirty little son of a whore.”

This is truly one of my darker sexual experiences. Shirtless Guy’s purple action seems to be doing the trick for him. He lets out a very significant sounding whimper which sets off a chain reaction. He pulls the purple away and replaces Not Lily’s end with his face. She has some sort of gushing explosion which soaks his face and most of his hair. The ladies that are desperately trying to suck the icing out of my pastry bag start writhing, wiggling, and screaming from Not Lily’s efforts, and at that very moment, before I have my big opportunity, Stain runs up.

“Sappho, time to go.”

“Uh, really? Can you not see . . .”

“Time to go. Seriously.”


“Time to go.”

I pull away from the two girls kissing each one of them slowly on the mouth, slipping my tongue in. I grab my clothes, and Stain ushers me away quickly, before I get a chance to put my clothes back on. We start running further down the path and reach some buildings. We hide, and I get dressed.

Stain gives me an apologetic look. “Sorry about that man.”

“You know it’s not your birthday anymore. You better have a good reason for that.”

“Number one, it’s my birthday until we go to sleep, and number two, I had a great reason. I was walking around and saw a cop car and no officer in it, only about a ten minute walk from where we were.”

“All right. Reasonable explanation, but it’s totally not your birthday.”

“It is, and you know it is.”

I pull out my phone to show Stain the date and how it isn’t his birthday. “What the . . . crap.”

Stain looks at me. “What?”

I show Stain the date on the phone. He laughs. “I thought that was yesterday. You mean, today is my actual birthday?”


“I told you. I told you today was my birthday.”

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