The half naked woman who loved the site of Stain chowing down on his own, followed him over to the massive cannon joint and huffed on it at the same time as him. The sides of their lips touched while they inhaled together. She took one extra hit then grabbed his face, pressed her lips to his and blew the smoke into his mouth. She began moving her tongue around in their too, but Stain just looked like he was waiting for her to stop. Things finally turned around for the beautiful, slender brunette when she reached down and started to gently roll Stain’s mayo makers as if they were stress balls in her fingers. She covers his eyes and whispers in his ear. “Call me Lily.”

“No. I can’t do that.”

She slaps his face. “Call me Lily.”

I grab the girls hand. “Listen, Not Lily. Stain here is madly in love with a girl he doesn’t really know. While I would like to see him butter your biscuits, if he really loves this other girl, he needs an unobstructed path that doesn’t include your sweet candy.”

Stain nods at me. “Thanks man. That means a lot.”

Not Lily looks angry. “What kind of fucking bullshit is that? Are either one of you two homos going to fuck me?”

Stain laughs. “Not it.”

Not Lily is fuming mad. “Thanks lover boy. What about you? The tall faggot.” She points at me.

“What about me?”

“You going to man up, or are you in love too like your homo friend?”

I look at Not Lily and smile. I go behind her, lock my hand with her’s, finger after finger. I reach our hands down the front of her pants and begin playing with her well carpeted basement. She starts moaning then I put my lips to her ear. “You know what? I’m never second choice.”

Stain laughs. We walk away together, and Not Lily lets out a huge breath. “Faggots.”

The other two topless ladies stop to talk to us, and as lovely as they look, I see a long wavy haired girl, sitting alone down by the rocks. She’s not sad or sulking. She’s pensive. Something draws me to her. I’m sure I’ve seen her somewhere before.

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