“Well Sam, I guess there isn’t anyone here,” Joey says then points over to the cell and says: “Jesus man. Were you locked up in there?”

“I don’t know, but I plan on finding out. I’m going to stay here until someone comes back.”

“Wow. You’re one crazy fucker. Well, I’m going to stay right here with you.”

Joey starts going through drawers, cupboards, and closets – rifling through them.

“What are you looking for Joey Mac?”

He looks under the sink, pulls out a bottle of vodka, and says: “well, well, well. This will do just fine now won’t it? Just fine.”

Joey pulls a couple of cups out of the cupboard, while I find kombucha in the fridge, just kombucha, nothing else to drink. There are like six large glass bottles of kombucha, in different flavours.

“Looks like we’re mixing with kombucha,” I say.

“What’s kombucha?” he asks.

“It’s an effervescent fermented tea with fruity flavours. It has yeast and bacteria that’s good for your belly and digestive system.”

“So, it’s like strawberry yogurt made into pop?” he asks.

“Yeah, except it’s vegan and much stranger tasting than you can imagine.”

I pour kombucha into the glasses, and Joey pours a fairly even amount of vodka into both cups.

“Bottoms up,” Joey says.


He stops just shy of his lips and asks: “how bad is this going to taste?”

“Well, I’ve never had vodka mixed with kombucha before, but I can promise you one thing, the more you drink, the better it will taste.”

Joey and I cheers each other, and I slowly slurp down the delicious mix. Joey takes a sip, closes one eye, shakes his head a little and says: “well fuck me with a big bad strap on and call me Sandra.” I raise one eyebrow at him, until he continues by saying: “I’m really looking forward to when this begins to taste better.”

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