The shower curtain reveals nothing. Nobody is in the bathroom.

I turn the knob on the bedroom door then quickly kick it open, turn on the light, and jump inside brandishing the large butcher knife, nobody. I check the closet, nobody. There is simply nobody in this cabin. The dog looks a little worried for me. Was I a prisoner in the now empty cell? Did my captor sleep in this bed at night?

I lie down in the queen sized bed. Why did he need a queen sized bed? I look up at the ceiling then close my eyes. Why did he need such a big bed? Were there two people involved? Was it just a big man? I close my eyes, and I can almost hear the anger in his voice, the terror it would have caused, the pain and trauma. What makes a person so angry that they jail their victim in a cabin in the woods?

A blinking light disturbs my thought, so I open my eyes to see a WiFi router next to the bed. I examine the box, but it has no password written or typed anywhere on it. I check my phone, open the WiFi settings, and see there is only one available connection. It’s name is “Through the Gates.” It’s the type of WiFi where you can touch your phone to the box to make a connection. I have service. Well, I only know the people I’ve met today, and I only have Sam’s contact information and Sara’s. Sara doesn’t really know who I am, so I guess I’ll reach out to Sam.

I write Sam a text: “I’m in a cabin in the woods. I don’t know where this place is, but if I don’t send another text by morning, please contact the authorities.” I drop a pin to my location, and at that exact moment, I hear the front door open!

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