“It’s really nice to meet you Sara, and thank you for saving my life.” I said to the very beautiful and very interesting paramedic.

She was still holding on to my hand which was a bit awkward and made me a bit nervous. I can tell that I’m definitely not a lady’s man by how I react to a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t know that. I guess, I don’t really know that either. I can be whoever I want to be, at least until I find out who I am. I feel a sense of freedom with that. In this moment, I’m exactly who I want to be.

“You know, my memory isn’t working very well, but the last thing I remember before climbing that hill and going up to the highway was making sure I had my wallet and phone. They must have fallen out at the side of the road or something because they weren’t at the hospital. I don’t remember that book though.”

Sara releases my hand and says: “they didn’t tell you what happened at the hospital.”

“Um, yeah, no. I was in a bit of hurry to get out of there.” I leave a long weird pause, as I’m not sure if I want to tell her everything, but some honesty pours out of me as though it’s beyond my control. “I left against medical advice.”

“That’s not good,” Sara says as she gives me a really worried look.

“You’re right, and I’ll get checked out by my own doctor to make sure everything is OK.”

“That’s good. Get checked out right away though.” Sara nods for a moment then continues. “A man was with you. He called us, said he found you at the side of the road. That was it.”

“Do you have his name?” She sort of looks at me quizzically. “I want to thank him. He helped save my life.”

“I don’t have his name, but it would be in the ambulance report. You could request that.” Sara writes down an address, phone number, and some details about the event then continues on. “Here is the information. Good luck.”

“Thanks again.” I walk away thinking how gutless I am, when all I want to do is get her number, talk to her again. I can be whoever I want to be, since I don’t know who I am. I turn around, trying to conceal my stiffening neck and shaking hands, while turning the paper over and asking: “would you mind writing your phone number on the other side?”

“In case you have more questions?” Sara asks.

“Uh, no. I would like to see again. I’m sorry to ask you at work, and feel free to say no if you’re not interested, but I…”

Sara takes the paper from me, writes her number on it and says: “don’t talk yourself out of it.”

I take the paper, and while quickly walking away say: “I’m leaving before you change your mind. Talk to you soon!”

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