A woman enters the room, accompanied by the nurse.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Jessica. I understand that you want to leave, but…”

I interrupt her. “No. I just wanted to use the toilet.”

The nurse gives me an evil eye and says: “you asked to be discharged.”

“That’s just not true. You told me that I would have to be discharged if I didn’t want to piss in the bed. I just wanted to use the toilet.”

“Well, if you wanted to use the toilet, you should have let the nurse help you. You have a bit of head injury, and we wouldn’t want to see you get hurt.”

“He told me flat out that I couldn’t use the toilet. There was no offer of help.”

“If you had of let me finish and not been so rude, I certainly would have told you that I could have helped you to the toilet,” the nurse said.

What a fucking lying piece of trash. If I ever see this mother fucker near a toilet, I’m going to hold is fucking head in it, and piss on his face. What the fuck?

“Look, nothing seems to be getting resolved here because this man refuses to tell things the way they happened. Where are my things? I’m leaving right now.”

“We do need to discharge you before you leave,” Jessica says.

“Great. You can do that while I’m gathering my stuff. Where is it?

“Your clothes are right next to the bed,” the nurse says.

I put my clothes on, while the nurse leaves the room.

“I would really recommend you stay another day,” Jessica urges.

“And be told where I can and can’t piss. I don’t think so.”

“All right. I’ll go get the forms.”

“Where is my wallet and my phone?”

“All of your belongings are together. You came without any ID.”

The doctor walked out of the room, while I tried to remember my name. I remember having my wallet and my phone before I fell down next to the highway. Who the fuck am I? What city am in? Is it even safe for me to be at a hospital? I try to find an exit, while going through the grey maze that is a hospital.


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