I’ve created a list of 15 great things you can do.

  1. Give money to a charity;
  2. Donate blood;
  3. Help push another person’s car out of the snow;
  4. Loan money on Kiva;
  5. Hack a website that causes harm;
  6. Give a consensual hug to someone you’ve never hugged before;
  7. Reunite with a family member you haven’t seen in years;
  8. Be there for someone when they die;
  9. Tell someone you truly love about your feelings for the first time;
  10. Go 24 hours without using any power of any kind;
  11. Put money in another person’s parking meter when it’s empty;
  12. Give food to a homeless person;
  13. Ask someone who is alone at a restaurant to join you;
  14. Help a stranger bring their groceries in;
  15. Push someone’s car out of the snow for them.

What are your 15 things?

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