“Sappho, we have to finish this project. It was due last week,” the boss says while raising his voice.

“Right, but you let the client dictate the timeline, and I told you it couldn’t be done that soon,” I say.

“OK, but that promise was already made, and now we just need to get it done, whatever it takes!”

“Why is it that whatever it takes is always me working nights and weekends,” I ask.

“Well, maybe we need to review the work that comes in, but right now it just needs to get done.”

I don’t even bother to respond, even though the boss continues staring at me. I just hang my head and continue working. It’s always this way. He always mismanages projects that I get stuck working overtime on and not getting paid extra for.

The boss leaves, while I’m stuck here working.

A text comes in on my phone; it’s from Stain.

“You still at work?”

“Does it matter? I’m always working,” I write.

“Let’s get drunk.”

“I gotta do someone first,” I write.

“*something,” I write.

“OK. Message me when you’re done.”

“Excuse me. Sappho?” I hear a woman’s voice.

“Yeah, I’ll be here a while longer. I’ll lock up,” I say, assuming it’s the last staff member leaving.

Cindy“No. It’s me Cindy. Is my Dad still here? He’s supposed to drive me home. I was just in the neighborhood.”

“Cindy. Hey. He left already. I can drive you home,” I say to the bosses 19-year-old daughter.

“Yeah. That would be great,” she says while smiling at me.

“Cool. I just need to leave your Dad a note.”

I walk over to the bosses computer, and hit a number of keys. I walk over to Cindy, smile at her, grab her hand and ask: “do you need to leave right away?”

“No. Why, what did you have in mind?”

I place my hand on her cheek and firmly kiss her lips.

She pushes my chest back, and asks: “is this what my Dad pays you to do?”

“No. He doesn’t pay me past 5pm.”

I try to go in for another kiss, but she stops me, takes her shirt and bra off and goes down on her knees.

Within a few moments, she has me quivering, but I don’t want it to stop here. I want it all. I lift her onto the bosses desk, take down her pants and panties, and I grab her firm ass in my hands while pleasing her with my tongue.

She starts calling out: “oh Sappho, oh Sappho,” while panting uncontrollably.

I see a look on her face, as though she is almost there. I stand up and slide myself inside her, kissing her softly on the lips and looking into her eyes. Only a few minutes pass before I’m grunting, and she is screeching.

We kiss a few more times, while getting our clothes on. She grabs my hand and asks: “ready to go?”

I hand her my car keys and say: “just need to finish that note to your Dad. I’ll be right down.”

She takes the keys, smiles at me, kisses me again, and says: “hurry down.”

I smile back, “I will.”

I go over to the bosses computer, delete everything on his desktop, and  click to stop recording video, which I had set up when Cindy walked in. I save the video with the file name i_quit_bitch.mp4, which is now the only thing he’ll see when he starts his work day.

I text back to Stain: “Done!”

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