Content NinjaA ninja is someone who is stealthy, patient, intelligent, and cunning. A good web writer is like a ninja, except we don’t usually wear cool costumes or intimidate people with sharp weapons.

Here are five reasons to hire a content ninja:

  1. SEM Plan or Ninja Infiltration Scheme – a content ninja will start out with a plan of the keywords that your site needs to target. There will be some separation between words you actually target, words you want to target, and words people are searching for. Having this plan ahead of time will create transparency, so anyone working on the site will know which words to and how to better target them.
  2. SEO or Ninja Sneakiness – every word a content ninja writes on a web site has value. A carefully crafted page can encourage search engines like Google to rank your site higher for specific keywords, like Content Writers for Hire. This follows the SEM plan to directly target the words that have the highest value to your business.
  3. Readability or Ninja Intellect – non-ninja human beings are reading your site, so it’s important to know that content ninjas don’t just stuff your keywords too full of things like Expert Content Writers. You don’t want someone to think that you grabbed content from a Japanese site and ran it through Google Translate. The messages must be clear, concise, and when appropriate, even thematic. Engaging readers is probably the most important part of web writing.
  4. Corporate Message or Ninja Throwing Stars – a good, consistent business message is the weapon of the content ninja. It lends the business credibility and builds trust. Without this strong and consistent site wide message, the ninja would be going in unarmed. Don’t worry though, a good content ninja can help craft this message.
  5. Call to Action or Ninja Exit Strategy – a ninja always has an exit plan. A content ninja has an exit plan for site visitors. A site with a strong and obvious call to action, is a site that gets results. For instance, a message that clearly states hire me now, with a link to a hire me form would be one simple example of a call to action.
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