June 12

Experience Tea

This piece was originally a writing test that I did to show my ability to write a positive review. This was not written for Teavana. Teavana is more than bulk loose leaves; it’s where tea lovers go to experience a cup of comfort, brewed to perfection. Teavana’s sommeliers of the tea world have a welcoming and open nature to the first time buyer and the seasoned expert. Brewing time, filters, types of tea, and even what to pair with your drink all factor into the taste. At Teavana they know this, live this, and train for this. If you’re new to the tea world, you can:

  • go into the store;
  • ask to smell a few different blends;
  • get a single cup;
  • and when you’re ready, buy the oolong, green, black, or herbal that’s right for you.

This summer, cool off with an Exotic Iced Tea at any one of the Teavana locations across North America. See http://www.teavana.com/retail for more information.

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