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Tux, the Linux penguin
Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new PengPod touch tablet ships in January 2013 with Linaro, an Ubuntu based Linux kernel.

What are the benefits for an average user?

  1. Affordable – the product will be selling for around $100 for a 7 inch display.

  2. Access – the user gets access to a desktop version of Linux and all the apps that come with that, including a standard browser (Firefox), email software (Thunderbird), office suite (Libre Office), and anything else that runs on Linux.

  3. Upgrade – Linux is often easy on resources, and since it’s free and open source, upgrading your tablet makes it possible to keep your software up-to-date for years after your purchase.

  4. Easy to Use – for those who aren’t used to Linux, you might think this is beyond your capabilities, but this is a true desktop version of Linux, so you can simply touch an app to get what you need.

  5. Power – many tablets have reduced capability. It’s often stressed that they are not computers; they are tablets, more like toys than anything else. This tablet is powered with Linux, which makes it as capable as many computers out there with all the functionality of a tablet.

What are the features?

  1. 1GB Ram

  2. 32GB Storage

  3. 7” or 10” display

  4. 1 USB (7”) or 2 USBs (10”)

  5. Camera

  6. Speakers

  7. Wifi

  8. Ethernet

  9. 3G

  10. Bluetooth

  11. HDMI

  12. Head Phone Jack

This tablet is more than just affordable and powerful; it’s a device that can help the world to bridge the gap in the digital divide. The PengPod is portable, easy and free to upgrade software on, and it has the intuitive use of a tablet with the power of a computer. It’s true that not every household can afford $100, but at such a low price, it makes a great investment for something that can access the internet, get a student through his homework, get an adult through his office work, and play high definition video.

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