Seeing my 5-year-old on the playground has been an amazing experience for me. Usually, the popular girl is the worst bully in the school. That popular girl bully might not hit, but she will always choose who is good enough and who isn’t. She will make others crumble to her social pressure.

My 5-year-old is an example of how I wish everyone could be. I’ve seen other girls try to exclude her on the playground, but she just grabs their hands, puts a huge smile on her face, and plays with them. Her infectiously happy attitude catches everyone else. Instead of her being out-of-place, all the other girls her age ask for her. They all want to play with her, and when there is a girl that nobody else plays with and nobody else likes, my 5-year-old grabs her hand and makes sure that she gets to play along with everyone else.

It’s such an unusual thing that one parent is telling me that her daughter always talks about how great my 5-year-old is while another parent is telling me how inclusive my 5-year-old is.

Now, if I can just get her to get along with her older sister, it would be a perfect world.

Son of Sappho Diary

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