May 7

Not until May the 8th


On May the 8th, I will be everything I want
Everything I know I can be.
I’ll be wiser, strong
More confident.

I’ll be nicer to people
Less reactive.
I’ll be smarter
I’ll be everything I ever wanted to be.

But not until May the 8th.

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December 2

Toasted honey sandwich #poetry

The sweetest type of honey drips down that delicious golden brown.

The tip of my tongue licks the drop, tastes it.

I press my lips to it, spread it open, just a bit.

My eyes close, the smell, intoxicating.

I slide my tongue inside, licking and tasting every bit of honey inside.

A bit drips down my chin, and all I can do is look up and smile.

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November 28

How to Keep Peace

She takes your dreams,

Steals your time,

Makes you mad,

Bloody irrational.

She’ll take your health,

Then your life.


In, she’s translucent.

Out, she’s transparent.

Breathe. She’s gone.

She whispers in your ear.




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March 9

She Needs Me

In a moment, my thoughts are erased.
I write helplessly, without form, format, wit, or grace.

I want someone to help me.
I need someone to be there for me.

It always me though.
Isn’t it?

I’m always there.
A rant becomes reason.

I’m sorry for being selfish.
I’m here for you…

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April 20

Breaking the Proletariat

RatThe rat puts an elephant in chains.
He won’t fight.
The rat puts an ape in a cage.
Open the door; he won’t leave.

The rat takes.
The rat takes more.
The rat expects more.

The elephant and ape learn.
They don’t fight.
They breed.
They die.

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April 18

A Penny for Your Wants

A penny for your wantsIt consumes everything in its path,
Throwing out meaninglessness in its wake.

Is nothing more sacred than want?
Should nothing be held higher than greed?

She may have a box.
He may have a box.
I may have a box.
Two may have a box.

Do you want more?
I can’t figure out how to change it.
Everything just stays the same.

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