April 3

Where Will I End Up?

plank-729441_960_720I see a boy while walking down the street.
An ordinary road, I see.
Sort of an ordinary boy, I meet.
He wants help from me.

I help him get home.
That’s how I stand.
Now, I am doomed to roam.
Where is this land?

I see a man while walking down the lane.
An ordinary lane, I view.
Sort of an ordinary man, somewhat sane.
I ask: “can I help you”?

I help him find his place.
Once again, I’m trapped in an unknown space.

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August 17

The Iron

Her dark soul barely showed through her light blue eyes.

But there was a glimpse of who she really was.

I knew better, but I wanted her, wanted to change that demon.

The demon consumed me, changed me.

Now you can barely see my dark soul through my light blue eyes.

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November 6

Innocent Little Seeds

You little seeds want to grow.
Us crows want to eat.

You seeds want your little plot of land.
Us smart crows want your little plot of land.

You weak seeds want to block out the sun.
Us superior crows want a better world for everyone.

You cowardly seeds want to spread, plaguing the earth.
Us brave crows want to control destiny.

You rotten seeds want to hate.
Us crows want to eat.

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April 20

Breaking the Proletariat

RatThe rat puts an elephant in chains.
He won’t fight.
The rat puts an ape in a cage.
Open the door; he won’t leave.

The rat takes.
The rat takes more.
The rat expects more.

The elephant and ape learn.
They don’t fight.
They breed.
They die.

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April 18

A Penny for Your Wants

A penny for your wantsIt consumes everything in its path,
Throwing out meaninglessness in its wake.

Is nothing more sacred than want?
Should nothing be held higher than greed?

She may have a box.
He may have a box.
I may have a box.
Two may have a box.

Do you want more?
I can’t figure out how to change it.
Everything just stays the same.

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April 18

A School of Thought

RoseMy rose without thorns grows tall in the forest.
Always in the shade.
Red as the blood around my heart.
Living through each day, despite being trampled.

Everyone gazes upon her beauty.
Never have I experienced a smell so sweet.
Even if I leave, my rose stays in the forest.

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April 17

Bureaucracy Beat Down

800px-US_Customs_and_Border_Protection_officersKerosene rivers now wash over them.
Idealism once kept them alive.
Language was used and manipulated by the system.
Lies were dominant for them to thrive.

They are no more.
Hell is where they’ll meet.
Everyone is free after the war.

People live with equality.
Oligarchies fall.
Leaders are subservient to the polity.
I can be me. You can have it all.
Centuries have passed with this society.
Exiled are those who challenge us with their impropriety.

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October 31

How much does it cost?

Capitalism (Photo credit: Juliano Mattos)

Come steal from us;
And give to them.

Please take freedom;
I say take our
Teachers, doctors.

Land and water.

I’m your soldier;
She is your whore;
Meek get nothing.

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October 30


Woman with long black hair
Woman with long black hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her thick tar black hair radiates steam;
And Her powdery anthrax white skin spores.

She carries no farm tools;
And She wears no robe.

She bares no skeleton;
And She forgives no man.

Her hand roles the bones;
And Her eyes pierce him completely.

He has no destiny;
And he’s simply random.

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